About us

NRITTA NRITYA NATYA is a humble initiative by Smt. Rakhi Kamani to share the joy of the classical dance form Kuchipudi to anyone who has the desire to know and feel this art in its authentic form.

Smt. Rakhi Kamani has been learning Kuchipudi from the age of 4 under prominent Gurus Nanthencode Vinayachandran & Guru V Mythili and is currently associated with Kuchipudi Parampara Foundation under the eminent guidance of Guru Deepa Narayanan Sashindran.

Rakhi also has her basics in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam.

She is the recipient of scholarship from Center for Cultural Resource & Training (CCRT) India for the continued learning and research in the field of Kuchipudi. She is unique in her presentation, abhinaya and usage of the brass pot and plate which shows the artist’s elevated level to the heaven. She also holds a ‘Ganabhooshanam’ diploma in Carnatic Music from Swati Thirunal Music College, Kerala. She has 3 decades of performing experience and a decade of teaching experience in Kerala & Bangalore.

Rakhi Kamani Kuchipudi dancer and performer. Nritta Nritya Natya Kuchipudi dance classes in whitefield Bangalore

Rakhi’s never ending passion for Kuchipudi paved way to NRITTA NRITYA NATYA making it an exciting responsibility towards the enthusiasts and for herself. Currently she is an active Kuchipudi performer from Bangalore and have been part of various prestigious dance festivals across India.


We believe the name NRITTA NRITYA NATYA is the apt and respectful name for our Kuchipudi class as we intend to bring our students to the mesmerizing abode of this dance form and this is possible through the understanding of NRITTA, NRITYA and NATYA in theory and practical.

According to the epics of dance - Abhinaya Darpana, Sangitaratnakara and Natyashastra, and other treatises any classical dance form is broadly divided into 3 distinct categories – Nritta, Nritya and Natya.


This is basically the movements of various limbs of our body based on Thala & Laya. This is known as “Angavikshepana”. It is the pure dance steps performed based on the rhythm. It doesn’t include any Bhava or Rasa.

Nritta is created by Lord Shiva, who is the supreme Lord of Dance and who is inseparable from his better half – Shakti (Parvathy). Hence there are representations of the male and female aspects of Nritta – Tandava (Vigorous male movements of Lord Shiva) and Lasya (Graceful feminine movements of Parvathy).


Through Nritya the dancer communicates the meaning of the song with the help of hand gestures (mudras) along with Bhavas. This will generate Rasa in the performance. So Nritya is the dance which included Rasa (sentiments) and Bhava (psychological states) which interprets the music and song used.

As per history, Nritya was created by Sage Bharatha by adding Nritta into Natya as suggested by Lord Nataraja (Shiva).


This is pure drama form of dance. In this the artistes show pure Abhinaya based on any traditional story. Natya is the only form which can please people of widely different tastes.

Natya is created by Lord Brahma.

The Vision..


To spread the joy of dance through performing and teaching Kuchipudi for the next young generation.

To encourage and teach women who could not chase their dancing dreams during their young age.


To carry forward the legacy and tradition set by great legends of Kuchipudi.

The Team..

Yes, we are a team – a small team who is passionate about arts. Here we are and our specialties.

RAKHI KAMANI – The performer and the teacher

KAMANI S BABU – The pillar of support, the photographer, the videographer and the reason for all digital and social media about us. Yes, all copyrights reside with him as well.

SRIMAYI KAMANI – The little one who is passionate about dancing, dancing and just dancing-be it any form of it.

Nritta Nritya Natya
Kuchipudi dance class